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The warm sound of wood


When the most advanced sound technologies meet the Renaissance art, the listening experience in your home turns into something magic!

Florence Audio is born from the encounter of a group and music lovers engineers in order to make advanced audio products contained in valuable wood furniture, manufactured with cure and ability by Florentine masters cabinetmakers. We believe that the enclosure could really play a relevant rule in amplifiers sound quality and this is why we carefully considered both the electronic and mechanical aspects in our products.

The employed electronic circuitries benefit of the audiophile quality of the new digital amplifiers that, thanks to their high efficiency, dissipate a negligible amount of heat and can be contained in elegant wood furniture. The furniture finishing is realized with valuable veneers and pregiate solid woods according to the pure Italian tradition and guarantees a rising value of the product over the time.

The quality of the employed materials, the careful assembly of the components and the elegance of the container, renders each Firenze Audio product a true collector's piece.

Every amplifier has a metal crest with it's own laser etched serial number and is delivered with an origin and quality certificate. Custom metal plates or different type of wood finishes are supplied upon request. For more details please see the specific product form.

All the products are designed and manufactured in Italy.