Capitello Striscia7

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Price list:

Product Price (Euro)
Rosso 760 2495
Rosso 460 2695
Rosso 460B 2895


Satisfaction Guarantee:

We offer 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, contact us about your problem and send the product back to us for a full refund (please read the Terms and Conditions of sales).

Download Terms & Conditions of sales

How to order:

  1. Email us with the following information:
    Code of the product you are ordering,
    Name, phone number, billing & shipping address,
    preferred method of payment: Credit Card (PayPal) or Wire Transfer.

  2. We will send you a pro-forma invoice with payment
    (there will be a Paypal link if that's your payment method),
    shipping charge and date of shipping.
    You can choose to pay at any time before shipping
    but you have to send us an email confirming your order.
  3. Your order will be abandoned if you do not confirm it or if
    you do not pay your pro-forma invoice. If you choose to pay by wire
    transfer, we have to receive your payment and clear it
    before we ship the product to you.




We are in the process of obtaining international dealers. We are happy to sell direct to those customers living in countries that are not represented by an authorized Firenze Audio dealer.


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